Boat Lifts & PWC Lifts

  • Let American Marine Contractors build your new boat lift. We service the Nature Coast and our service area is Crystal River, Homosassa, Dunnellon and Inverness. We build Neptune boat lifts for your peace of mind. 
  • Neptune has over 100 years of real world experience, but that is just where we start. Every lift is designed in-house, engineered in-house and then independently evaluated and certified by structural engineers.
  • Neptune’s vision was to design, engineer and build the world’s finest marine lifts and provide world class customer service to marine contractors and customers. Starting with a clean slate, each boat lift was engineered to provide reliable operation and to have a high degree of resistance to saltwater, high winds and frequent use. The lifts were designed for long term ease of maintenance and repair.
  • 4 Post Boat Lifts
  • Elevator Boat lifts
  • 8 Post Yacht Boat Lift
  • Elevator Yacht Lifts
  • Low Profile Beamless Boat lifts
  • Personal Watercraft Lifts

Full Range of options for accessories

Neptune Boat Lifts



Neptune lifts are the only lifts independently engineered to sustain 90 mph (150 kmh) hurricane force winds with the boat on the lift.


Neptune is the only company that uses marine and aviation anti-corrosion procedures such as anodizing, coating, and anti seize technologies in the construction of its lifts.


Neptune has its own in-house testing equipment that allows us to evaluate and stress-test our motors, gearboxes, and drive systems.


Neptune is the acknowledged leader in advanced materials and safety systems, including multi limit switch safety systems, custom carved bunking for stepped hulls, 100% testing of stainless cable, and a number of anti-friction innovations.


Neptune does not cut corners, which results in the safest, most reliable lifts in the industry.