Dock Accessories

Pilings Piling Caps Dock Bumpers Railings Fish Cleaning Stations

We take care of all your dock accessories at American Marine Contractors. We supply and install everything from pilings, piling caps, dock bumpers, railings, and fish cleaning stations. 


We carry 2.5 CCA treated wood pilings ranging in sizes from lengths up to 60ft and diameters 8-12 inches

Piling Caps

We carry piling caps to protect the top of your pilings from sun and rain damage. Piling caps block UV rays, deflect rain water, and prevent birds from roosting on pilings. The piling caps are made to with stand the harsh marine environment. 

Dock Bumpers

Custom Fish Cleaning Stations


We offer a variety of different types of dock/deck railings. 

Composite Railing

Rope Railing

Stainless Railing

Cable Railing

Vinyl Railing

Aluminum Railing

Piling Hoops

Our Galvanized Piling Hoops have two mounting holes to be bolted to your dock .

This allows the floating dock to move with the water level, avoiding straining and stress that can lead to severe damage. 

More Dock Accessories


Mooring Whips


Aluminum Docks and Gangways

Piling Wraps

Dock Floats